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Zen Fitness & Leisure have various classes to keep you fit and toned.

Class Descriptions

Spin: Indoor Cycling with music. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the class which contains a mixture of flats, sprints, hills and intervals. Spinning burns an average of 650 calories per hour.

Spin Circuit: 30 min dynamic ride to burn calories and get the heart rate up combined with cardiovascular drills, strength and endurance training!

Body Tone: This is a complete body conditioning class using weights throughout the class. The class is aimed to improve and strengthen muscle tone, reduce body fat and improve overall muscle definition.

Aqua Aerobic: exercise to music in the swallow water, jogging, kicking and jumping. A great body workout using the resistance of the water. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Power Circuits: it is a combination of cardiovascular and muscular training. Get ready for an intensive and energetic workout that makes you sweat those calories out!

Please find below our updated timetables for all activities taking place in Zen Fitness & Leisure.

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