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Fore Abbey

The village of Fore is in a valley between two hills. Here you will see the ancient ruins of a Christian monastery. Fore is “the town of the springs” and was named after St. Fechin’s spring, which is beside the old church. It was St. Fechin who founded the ancient Fore Abbey around 630 A.D. By 665 A.D. (the time of the yellow plague) there were 300 monks living in the community. Between 771 and 1169 A.D. Fore was burnt 12 times.

Another important aspect of Fore is the Fore Crosses, one of which, is in the village of Fore. There are 18 crosses; some crosses are plain (most likely to wind and rain erosion) whilst others still remain carved. These are spread out over 7 miles on roadways and in fields and bore witness to religious persecution during penal times.

Over looking Lough Lene is Slieveboy hill and “Gallagher’s Moteens” which are Bronze Age graves. These are Cist graves, which succeeded the Communal burial chambers of the New Stone Age.

Guests to the Athlone Springs Hotel will enjoy visiting the ancient ruins of the Christian Monastery. Look no further for a hotel in Athlone when visiting Fore Abbey. Contact us today for great Special Offers.